The ultimate guide to living in Dubai on a budget



Dubai is well known all over the world for its high-rise skyscrapers, glamorous cars and an overall luxurious lifestyle, so it may come as a surprise to others that living on a budget here is completely possible too! You can now have your dream house in District One Villas Dubai while living on a budget. If your goal is to save resources for the future, or if you’re looking for opportunities to be more financially savvy in your everyday life, here’s our budget guide to living in Dubai.


Tips for living in Dubai on a budget


If you’re trying to cut back on grocery shopping or monthly rent, this blog has got some helpful ideas for you. Let’s take a look at the different critical costs for most people in Dubai to see if you can decrease the expenses in these regions.


Use public transportation in Dubai


Dubai has a large public transit network with buses, ferries, metro and tram lines that allow people to travel safely and inexpensively. Utilising Dubai Metro, which links most of the city’s main landmarks and neighbourhoods, will cost you as little as AED 3.


A monthly NOL pass that enables you to use public transport facilities in Dubai will only offer you a very cheap AED 350 per month. You can also live in suburban areas near subway stations in Dubai to add comfort to your everyday life and make it easy to use public transport.


Use alternative routes to avoid road tolls


If you own a motorcycle, you’re going to be familiar with Salik in Dubai. However, if you’re looking for advice on surviving on a budget and don’t mind a longer ride, you can use alternate routes to stop paying a toll fee.


Using the ‘Stop Tolls’ option on Google Maps to locate routes that do not have Salik toll gates. This includes Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311), Al Khail Road, Floating Bridge and Business Bay Crossing.




You’re curious about how to save money on food in Dubai? This is another significant and inevitable cost, but there are a variety of ways that people can be more careful when it comes to their monthly food shopping.


Buy local


For anyone trying to save money on food in Dubai, a helpful tip is to purchase as much fresh and in-season food as possible. You will also reduce the monthly supermarket bill by cutting imported food products and making costly cuts to occasional transactions.


Buy from stores that offer discounts


If you do not want to regret overbuying, then you must go to the supermarkets that offer discounts. This will help you in cutting down your grocery bill.




As a general guideline, Indian coursework schools in Dubai appear to be cheaper than other curriculums. You should also take a peek at Dubai’s most accessible schools. These must provide a high level of education in compliance with the KHDA guidelines.


If you have more than one school-going kid, then be sure to inquire about any sibling discounts on the school fees. For e.g., the GEMS school fee discounts are up to 25% for the third and fourth siblings. Few schools also have a deal with certain banks that will give you a discount on school fees.




Housing remains one of the greatest costs for most residents; however, there are options to save money on rent in Dubai. Search for an affordable neighbourhood.


As a general rule of thumb, try to find budget-friendly communities. These appear to be younger and are removed from the city centre; however, all neighbourhoods would have vital services such as malls, hospitals and lounges in the vicinity.


Share an apartment legally


If you’re a single person living in the city, one of the realistic ways to run a budget lifestyle in Dubai is to share an apartment with a housemate. Keep in mind, though, that there are specific guidelines for sharing housing in Dubai. You must comply by in order to remain on the right side of the law.


You can buy your home in Port De La Mer Dubai if you want to cut down your rental expense.