MenScript Review – Are MenScript ED Pills Legit?

Erectile disorder (ED) is an important issue for males as they age. The number of men whose sex lives suffer from ED is nothing short of amazing. A study by University of Massachusetts University of Massachusetts founded that over 50% of men who are between 40 and 70 are likely to experience ED at some point.

If you’ve experienced difficulty getting tough or getting your hair out, then you’re aware of how detrimental it can be to a relationship if both individuals feel “in the mood” but you’re unable to function because of ED.

The good news is that medications are available to treat ED. Even if you’ve not experienced them I’m sure you’ve heard of drugs such as Cialis and Viagra that have made in the popular British mental health. If taken in the right way the drugs can dramatically increase your hard-on, with very little risks of adverse side consequences.

Many men are using the internet for their daily supply of erection-boosting pills. One such pharmacy on the internet that is becoming more popular in recent times is a product called MENSCRIPT.

I’ve used MenScript’s services MenScript as well as other reputable online pharmacies to determine which one is best. Here is what I learned about MenScript and the MenScript ED pills and how its services compare to other similar companies, such as Manual.

If you’re a man who is wondering if MenScript is a real way to purchase top ED medications, this manual contains the answers you seek.

The Advantages of Using Online Pharmacies to Get Erectile Dysfunction Pills

The main selling point of is that it offers users a comprehensive, “one-stop-shop” for ED. If you sign up to the website, you are able to schedule an initial virtual visit with an ED specialist from the comfort of your own home. The process ends with ordering your ED pills and awaiting their swift delivery. From start to finish, you never have to leave your house to pick up the ED pills that you want.

I am a fan of MenScript as well as similar web-based services because they are an excellent reliable option for obtaining ED medication fast. Online pharmacies have many advantages in comparison to traditional methods of procuring ED supplies:


  • More anonymity. MenScript and other online pharmacies will deliver your medication to your doorstep within a couple of days, avoiding awkward interactions in the office of your doctor or in the pharmacy as you collect your pills.



  • Faster service. Online consultations with doctors are generally more efficient than in-person appointments, while still achieving all the same objectives of a trip to the clinic.



  • The less effort. In many ways we’ll cover in the next section, an online pharmacy such as MenScript is just good logistical sense.


What is MenScript?

The most attractive aspects that is unique to is its unique web-based system. The idea behind it is to bring the experience of talking to a doctor selecting your medication and getting it delivered directly to your house to the contemporary realities of life on the go.

Utilizing MenScript to buy ED pills is a breeze. It takes the stress out of making a trip to an appointment in person through scheduling an online consultation with a physician. The doctor will evaluate the individual’s circumstances as well as medical history to suggest the best prescription to meet his specific needs.

How Does MenScript Work?

According to the guidelines of the company the only things a person needs to do to start his career is:


  • Photo ID (passport ID, passport, or driver’s license)



  • CreditCard or IDEAL (Dutch way of payment)


The entire registration process took me just a few minutes. User interfaces are elegant and user-friendly, making navigation on the platform easy to grasp.

The next step is to respond several questions about your general health and lifestyle, your sexual history, and what signs of erectile malfunction could be evident.

The treatment plans developed by MenScript doctors usually are available within 24 hours, enabling easy availability of ED treatments.

Once you’ve been approved to receive the treatment, the clinic will deliver your medication to you via post with free two-day shipping.

I used MenScript to get my treatment for ED. I am able to confirm that, from beginning to end the personnel at MenScript were wonderful to work with. Overall, the experience was more pleasant than the standard procedure of trudging to a doctor’s office only to watch time tick by for hours in a packed waiting room.

How Much Does MenScript Cost?

Evidently, in today’s cash-strapped economy, cost is a major consideration for most guys who hope to get the most bang for the money when buying testosterone pills for men.

MenScript prides itself on its transparent pricing model that gives a clear price breakdown that allows for easy comparison to other providers.

In my experience using MenScript I’ve never encountered an unexpected cost. Every cost is explained in advance, and there aren’t any extra charges for using MenScript’s services. Your total cost will vary according to the quantity of doses required and the frequency of shipping you need.

On the low end, you could pay only a few dollars per month. On the high end you can expect to pay as much as PS70. Again, you have options as a patient , to consider in conjunction with your doctor, what medications suit you best.

Is MenScript Legit? The Rock-Hard Bottom Line

The bottom line on MenScript is that it’s authentic for sure. Although, for reasons discussed earlier I would prefer the services of MenScript over Treated’s, I’d still recommend Treated to friends.

The pharmacies online even with a few logistical challenges and some issues with the user interface is a legitimate method to obtain high-quality male sexual enhancements quickly and easily.

No one wants to go through the hassle of going to the doctor or waiting in the waiting room and undergoing a physical exam or answering uncomfortable questions. Nobody has the time to do that. Why not streamline the whole process with MenScript and take care of all legal procedures online from your own house?

Despite its drawbacks it’s the ease of using the online pharmacy is among the biggest selling points of MenScript and is the reason why I would consider using their services in the near future or recommend their services someone who is in need.